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Unique packaging in water soluble film and ease of use are its biggest advantages, but when you use this new laundry product for the first time, you will have the following questions? Do water soluble films of the laundry detergent pods need to be cut? Will there be residues in the water if I don't cut it? Is it safe to do laundry? Will it cause health problems? Today, I will solve the doubts for everyone, and let’s have a deeper understanding of water soluble film that is soluble in water.


In fact, this water-soluble film is made of a water-soluble material called polyvinyl alcohol (referred to as PVA, PVOH or PVAL). Water-soluble film, as the name suggests, will dissolve in water. Polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble high polymer material, which is characterized by good compactness, strong adhesion, flexible and smooth film, oil resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, good gas barrier properties, and durability. The special treatment has water resistance and can control the temperature and speed of water solubility.


The most important point is that polyvinyl alcohol is a very safe macromolecular organic substance, which is non-toxic to the human body and has no side effects. Consumers do not need to worry that the laundry detergent pods will have harmful substances remaining in the laundry process, because water soluble film is also used in medicinal films, artificial kidney membranes, etc. Its safety can be used for wound skin repair, and eye area. Eye drop products can be seen in general.


In addition, the water soluble film has good affinity with the natural environment, no accumulation, no pollution, and is a green and pollution-free environmental protection material. Within 180 days, the polyvinyl alcohol water-soluble film can be decomposed by bacterial strains isolated from the soil, and finally degraded into CO2 and H2O, which also has an improvement effect on the land.


So please remember! When using laundry detergent pods, there is no need to cut the water soluble film. First put the pods into the bottom of the inner tub of the washing machine, then pour the items to be washed into the washing machine, and start the laundry program. With laundry detergent pods, laundry is so simple.

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What kind of terms can we deal with?        


Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,CIP,FCA,CPT,DDU;Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,HKD,CNY;Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,PayPal;


What is the comparison between Prosol & other biodegradable material ?        


1. Dissolvability in water: Prosol adjustable, other none. 2. Compost biodegradation: ≥90% within 180 days 3. Sewage biodegradation: Prosol ≥75% within 72 days, other uncertain 4. Natural environment biodegradation: Prosol-adjustable biodegradation, quick softening after contacting water; other-quick degradation, embrittlement and fragmentation. 5. Safe to land: Prosol can increase the cohesiveness, air permeability and water holding capacity of soil, not harmful to land; others not harmful to soil and plant. 6. Safe to ocean: Prosol-softened, losing strength and dissolved in water after contacting water, not harmful to marine lives and birds; others-harmful to marine life and birds.


Under which circumstance can't we use water soluble packaging ?        


Water soluble film is made of polymer, polyvinyl alcohol. Like all polymer/plastic, it has its Tg. A glass transition temperature (Tg) is the temperature at which a polymer turns from a ductile material to a hard, brittle material. Each polymer with an amorphous structure has its own unique glass transition temperature, which makes a given polymer better suited for some applications over others. The PVA Tg is about 7-10 degree Celsius (44-50 degree Fahrenheit).. So during the cold season in the U.S., the temperature of storage and using should be much lower than such Tg.


What is the advantage of your material?        


1. Advantage One: Experiential and visible eco-friendly. Adjustable dissolving temperature and speed. 1) Cold water-soluble film (15℃), Room temperature water-soluble film (25℃) 2) Warm water-soluble film (45℃), Hot water-soluble film (65℃) Strong in use and disappear when it's over. 2. Advantage Two: Caring for life & harmless to marine lives. To be soft, disintegrated and dissolved in water. Marine lives and birds can digest it without harm. 3. Advantage Three: Absorption of formaldehyde Test of absorption value of free formaldehyde by PVAL bag and Polyolefin bag (40℃ 65%RH, measured value of Japan Chemical Fiber Inspection Association) 4. Advantage Four: Safe and non-toxic Safe,nontoxic Harmless to people, animal and plants. It can contact with food and can be used for food additives. Eco toxicity test:passed. Hard metal test:passed. 5. Advantage Five: Adjustable shelf life and biodegradability. Biodegradability rate: ≥ 90% within 180 days under composting conditions Biodegradability rate: ≥ 75% within 72 days under sewage water conditions


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Water Soluble Laundry Bag, Water Soluble Film, Flushable dog poop Bag, Water Soluble Shopping Bag, Water Soluble Retails Packaging

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