Costa Rica

As a world-renowned medical tourism destination, Costa Rica is famous for its low cost and high quality medical care. Costa Rica's medical standards are among the highest in Latin America.There are public social insurance hospitals all over the country, as well as many famous private hospitals with world-class equipment.

The purpose of this trip is to communicate with the Ministry of Medical Laundry Ministry in Republic of Costa Rica to carry out the cooperation project of water soluble laundry bags for infection control. During this period, Proudly vice president Jason Lin and chairman Samuel Mo visited the medical laundry facilities of this hospital, and also carried out education on the use of medical laundry bags in the laundry room. In the future, Proudly will cooperate closely with Medical Laundry Ministry to provide safe and high-quality water soluble laundry bags for infection control to change traditional laundry methods.

Health protection and infection prevention

There are large amount of contaminated (by excrement, blood, pathogen, etc.) articles such as medical instruments, bed sheets, linens and treatment articles in hospital during daily treatment on patients. Such contaminated articles are occupational hazards to the staffs in hospitals. The best way to handle these contaminated articles is to isolate them whenever occur so that the rick of cross infection between patients, hospital staffs and the public can be minimized.

Water soluble medical disposal bags for infection control including fully water soluble laundry bag, soluble strip laundry bag and and medical instrument disposal bag are mainly used to collect the contaminated medical instruments, articles, patient bed sheets, linens and treatment appliances in hospitals and nursing homes.  After sealing up the disposal bags, the contents inside the bag do not expose to outside environment during the whole process of conveying, washing, disinfection and drying. The water soluble bag can dissolve completely during washing and disinfection process without any polluting residual.


  •   Avoid direct contact between the contaminated content inside the bag and the operator until the washing and drying cycle is completed, minimizing cross-infection and germs spread; 

  •   Avoid contaminated medical waste to be generated as the disposal bags completely dissolve in water, eliminating the traditional treatment by incineration or burying and reducing the treatment cost.;

  •   Greatly improve the hygiene of working environment, reduce working intension and enhance the labor protection.

Product Description

Type of bags:

Type C: dissolving temp.: above 15 degree Celsius,

Type W: dissolving temp.: above 25 degree Celsius,

Type M: dissolving temp.: above 45 degree Celsius,

Type H: dissolving temp.: above 65 degree Celsius,

Type S: dissolving temp.: above 85 degree Celsius.

* The above temperatures are recommended dissolving temperatures.


Natural, red, purple and clear.


25 bags per roll / 25 bags per pack

* Multi-colors and specifications are available upon the request of the clients.  


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