Landscape of India.

◆ 120 million children = 7% of the 0-4 years old population (UN forecast by 2030)

◆ Annual average GDP growth: +6%

◆ 2016 Disposable Hygiene expenditure: 1.1 bn€ (+16% CAGR 14-16)

Proudly devotes to shape the future of the Disposable Hygiene market in one of the fastest growing economies in the world, together!


The 2019 edition of the IDHPF, organized by WIS Consulting, will explore the latest trends and technologies, new material, products' design and many other leading-edge topics of Disposable Hygiene products industry for the Indian market.

Vice president Jason Lin & Chairman Samuel Mo on behalf of Proudly attended this seminar for having insight into the market of India Disposable Hygiene Products and boost the Flushable and biodegradable packing film for the sanitary napkins. This kind of film is made of a brand new material -PVAL. As a new material of eco-friendly, PVAL is a water soluble material of a high performance polymer, which can be completely bio-degraded. It is a kind of fully biodegradable material with multi-function.

  •  Water-Soluble Material

  • Can be manufactured for hot or cold-water & fast or slow dissolve.

  • ◪ Composting conditions:

  • ≥90% in 180 days.

  • -Sewage conditions:

  • ≥75% in 72 days.

  •  Bio-degradable In The Environment

  • Fully bio-degradable into CO2 and H2O.

  •  Safe & Non-Toxic

  • -PVAL is a safe and non-toxic eco-friendly material.

  • -Harmless to people, animals and plants. 

Product Description

International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation Certification

in the composting environment, the biodegradation is CO2 +H2O with 180 days, and the decompostion rate is ≥90%

PVAL Meets The Following Requirements:

1. Skin irritation tests;

2. Microbial barrier performance tests;

3. Bag penetration, moisture resistance, load-bearing and drop performance tests;

4. Disinfection effect test;

5. Biodegradation of materials in sewage environment tests;

6. Biological toxicity tests for plant packaging/planting in accord with composting standards;

7. Heavy metal content test results meet safety standards.

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