Water-Soluble Films Market Size & Industry Forecast

August 07, 2023

The water-soluble film is the packaging technique whereby the package disintegrates or dissolves in the water. Manufactured with a biodegradable polymer, this film is 100% water soluble and doesn’t leave any residue behind. It is non-toxic and does not have any odor or color so it doesn’t even leave any mark after dissolving in the water. It never changes the composition of water or the product enclosed inside it. Due to its immense benefits including the eco-friendliness, ease of use and versatile usage in multiple industries water-soluble film manufacturers are witnessing a remarkable rise in demand for these water-soluble films.

It can be used for packaging, lamination, and wrapping products. It offers great flexibility when it comes to packaging which makes it an ideal packaging product.

Overview of Market Dynamics

Water-soluble films and packaging are seen as eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. With the effective reach of knowledge and awareness, consumers are now more inclined to invest/buy products that don’t have any harmful side-effect on the environment. The green environment campaigns have awakened the masses which makes water-soluble films a perfect alternative against the traditional plastic packaging that is dangerous for the environment (and especially marine life).  

In addition to the inherent eco-friendliness, the convenient usage and versatile applicability are what motivated the water-soluble film manufacturers to increase production to match the elevated customer demand.

Water-soluble films can serve multiple sectors including healthcare, consumer products, food, agriculture, agrochemicals, personal care, detergents, and other products that are meant for single use.

Water-soluble films market size

As you are already aware by now the trend of water-soluble films is on the rise. The market size is quite favorable and shows that the applicability of water-soluble films has increased remarkably. The 2022 analysis shows that the global market size for water-soluble packaging has reached around USD 375 Million. Such a huge market size shows that water-soluble film manufacturers are enjoying great business growth and profits.

The huge global market size is owed to applicability in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and textile industries where water-soluble films are revolutionizing the industries. The ability to ensure controlled application and safety from hazardous chemicals are the key features that drive the market size in these sectors on a global scale.

In addition to this, one of the major factors that explain this huge escalation in market size is the government policies (in some regions) and worldwide awareness campaigns to opt for green practices. Also, the global concern to offer a safe working environment to employees in agrochemical industries has contributed to the rise in the market size of water-soluble films.

The report published in 2022 further shows that the regional demand for the water-soluble film is also elevating. The regional segmentation report highlights 6 regions including Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa. As per the reports, the market size for water-soluble films is the largest for the Asia Pacific. Similarly, North America is also leading the charts for huge size in water-soluble films due to great inclination towards single-use product demands.

As per the usage, the demand for cold water dissolvable water-soluble films has a huge market share globally in comparison to hot water-soluble films. Whereas, the dissolution rate analysis shows that the highest dissolution products enjoy the largest market share followed by medium and hard dissolution water-soluble films respectively.

To assess the market size using applicability, the market size depicts that the detergent packaging is topping the chart followed by agrochemical packaging. On third number, as per the application-based market size, is water treatment chemical packaging followed by pharmaceutical packaging and lastly the other sectors.

Industry Forecast

The forecast conducted by various research groups and companies depicts a similar trend that the global industry for water-soluble film manufacturers has a promising future. The research conducted by multiple research groups shows more or less similar results. The global market size is expected to reach UDS 517.1 Million by the end of the year 2028. The growth rate is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.7% to 6.0% from 2023 to the year 2028.

The breakdown of industry analysis demonstrates that the textile industry is enjoying the largest market size, followed by the textile industry. Whereas, the third spot is secured by pharmaceutical industries followed by other end-user industries.

Why this surge in demand for the water-soluble films market?

The surge in demand for water-soluble films is real which has exponentially driven the business of water-soluble film manufacturers. Here are some of the key reasons that contribute to this rising trend.

· The water-soluble films offer exceptional sealing effects along with non-toxic, non-binding characteristics that make them perfect for the packaging sector.

· Manufactured with natural polymers, the water-soluble films are safest to use in packaged foods. They can be used at lower levels (lower than 1%) and still offer great benefits while keeping intact the nutritional value of food items. It can be used in making salad dressings and even sauces where it doesn’t allow the oil and water combination to segregate and works as a stabilizing force.

· Water-soluble films can wonderfully maintain the composition of food items. For instance, natural polymers hold the cocoa powder in chocolate milk. Also, they can work as binding sources such as in gummies.

· Water-soluble films are perfect for enclosing single dosages of various products such as liquid detergents. The otherwise tricky-to-pour and measure liquid detergent can be easily carried and used when enclosed in a water-soluble film.

· The water-soluble films are extensively used to enclose cement additives, dyes, and chemicals to control pollution while protecting the inherent qualities of these materials. It also allows quicker and more convenient mixing.

The toxic chemicals used in the agriculture sector can be used with minimum danger and pollution prospects when enclosed in a water-soluble film. It also eliminates the issue where the empty package of agrochemical products disposed of in the soil had the probability to escalate environmental pollution and damage to soil contents.

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