A big break, a brand-new revolution - PROUDLY along with DANAHER organizes a seminar on the strategic deployment.

January 12, 2022
A big break, a brand-new revolution - PROUDLY along with DANAHER organizes a seminar on the strategic deployment.

On August 19-21, PROUDLY organized a seminar on the strategic deployment of the Danish Research Conference. In this seminar, the professional teachers from the Danyan Institute personally explained and organized a series of projects. After theoretical course training, the company's management team, based on the theoretical model of the Danish Institute, based on the company's operating data in the past three years, market research data, etc., combined with the company's strategic vision to carry out strategic combing and seminars to clarify the company's development strategy for the next three years.

Based on the management philosophy and tool of the American Danaher Group-DBS (Danaher Business System), the Dan Research Institute is guided by a mature theoretical system, optimal standard targets and an operational model system, and is a manufacturing enterprise Carry out management consulting to help companies achieve sales growth, reduce costs and expenses, and ultimately achieve profit growth. Founded in 1969, Danaher Group has now ranked among the top 200 global companies, and is called "the world's most successful industrial-based empowerment investment benchmark" by the industry. At present, the group involves five major sectors: testing, environment, and life sciences. And diagnosis, dentistry, industrial manufacturing, etc., which are mainly through acquisition and integration to provide post-investment management and value-added services to enhance corporate value.

The seminar lasted for three days and two nights. From it, the PROUDLY team learned and mastered the operation method of the Danish Institute's strategic deployment model. At the same time, from the Danish Institute's rich management knowledge, the trainees were inspired by different degrees, or inspired. Thoughtful; or be filled with wisdom. From the gradually focused and firm eyes of the students, we can see that everyone has benefited a lot. At the same time, during the intense discussion process, the PROUDLY team experienced rework when the results of the visualization chart did not meet the expectations. It also survived the night of the 20th due to insufficient data analysis. The team worked overtime and started the night to three in the morning. The experience of the battle. The team members started to realize their own shortcomings from the initial rush, actively self-examined, adjusted their mentality, corrected their attitudes, and began to actively participate. The importance of the role, and actively fill up positions, strengthen collaboration, and gradually develop a tacit understanding. The phrase "Team is the army! Win a toast! If you lose, you can save yourself!" The team members resonated even more.

Through this seminar, PROUDLY has clarified its development direction in the next three years. At the same time, the management team fully recognizes its own management deficiencies. In the future, it will know its shame and be courageous. Gaining the best of others through continuous learning and enriching itself, combined with the actual situation of the company, empowers the company to optimize process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, achieve a steady increase in corporate efficiency, and the company will continue to develop and grow in a healthy manner.

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