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The water soluble polymer (polyvinyl alcohol), the major ingredient of the ball, is certified to be non--toxic and degrades totally.

The ball dissolves completely in water and does not cause any White Pollution in oceans, rivers and lakes. 

It has been verified that the ball does not contain any heavy metal ingredients and causes no harm to marine environments. 100% water soluble and fully biodegradable.

Our carp fishing bags are made from Polyvinyl Alcohol with the addition of organic additives. 

The bags will soften upon contact with water enabling them disperse.

The bags decompose fully in septic tanks or under compost conditions and fully degrade quickly in sewage systems. Carbon dioxide in around 180 days with no harmful residue ensuring our environment is protected. 

       While society is consistently developing and progressing, people are paying more and more attention to the issue of environmental protection.  China equally has the same needs for environmental-friendly packing as other foreign countries, therefore the domestic water-soluble film market is now emerging.  According to the research, packing films account for 20% of the output of plastic products every year, amounting to about 309,000 tons. Because of its feature of environmental protection, water-soluble films are widely valued by developed countries around the world.  For example, Japan, the United States and France have already mass-produced and sold these products. 

At present, the water-soluble film is mainly produced by the wet method, in which polyvinyl alcohol raw materials are dissolved in water and then mixed into a paste and coated on the surface of the equipment mold by drying into a film, this kind of method has disadvantages such as high energy consumption, low efficiency, narrow application range, high cost and poor economic benefits.  The current blown film equipment will transform the P-PVA by thermoplastic processing directly into the film, commonly known as the dry method.  This method produces water-soluble films with advantages like low energy consumption, high efficiency, wide application range, low cost and significant economic benefits, in other words, the water-soluble film is a very promising new material. According to the market demand for water-soluble films used for polyvinyl alcohol packing, there are three types as follows:

  • <p>Quick soluble type (XQ-S series) resin</p>

    Quick soluble type (XQ-S series) resin

    Which is prepared by the method of modification with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with alcohol solubility ≤ 88 and polymerization degree ≤ 2600.  After the film is formed, it is put into the corresponding temperature water together with the packaged goods and dissolves quickly.

  • <p>Slow dissolution type (XQ-H series) resin</p>

    Slow dissolution type (XQ-H series) resin

    Makes the water solubility slow down after film formation by mediating the alcohol solubility and polymerization degree, and the water solubility temperature increases appropriately so that the application range of this product can be further expanded.

  • <p>High-temperature water-soluble resin (XQ-G series)</p>

    High-temperature water-soluble resin (XQ-G series)

    Which can be dissolved in water at a temperature greater than 55℃ after film formation by adjusting the processing method, is insoluble in water at room temperature.  This product can avoid moisture absorption or swelling when used in normal temperatures and humid environments, and can be applied in more packaging fields.

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