Water soluble film manufacturers

  • EN 13432
    EN 13432
  • Flushaway  Trademark
    Flushaway Trademark
  • Green Japan PLA
    Green Japan PLA
  • ISO9001
  • BPI  ASTM  D6400
    BPI ASTM D6400
  • SMETA Sedex audit
    SMETA Sedex audit

Product application

  • Water soluble film for laundry detergent pods
    Water soluble film for laundry detergent pods
    Concentrated laundry liquid can reduce packaging materials by more than 40%, transport costs by more than 50%, and water consumption by more than 20%. Since 2012, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of global laundry pods has exceeded 50%. In the U.S., the laundry pods sales have taken about 15% of the annual sales of US$ 7 billion in the washing products. By the beginning of 2018, the sales volume of the global laundry pod market was about 3.5 billion US dollars. At present, China's market share of laundry pods is less than 1%.
  • Water soluble bag for infection contro
    Water soluble bag for infection contro
    As a manufacturer of water soluble laundry bag for infection control, I would like to share the good product and process for hotel fighting the covid-19. Now quite a few big international hotel chains has started to use water soluble bag to collect the linens in hotels, e.g. CONRAD HOTELS in Hong Kong and SHANGRI-LA in China and the Middle East. Advantages of water-soluble laundry bag for hotels. (1) The possible infected contents of the laundry bag does not need to be handled by staff until the wash and drying cycles are completed. (2) The bags will dissolve completely in water during the washing process. They leave no potentially infected waste and do not pollute the water. (3) The bags ensure the safe transport of contaminated material or instruments for staff in hospitals. Once the linens/instruments are sealed in the bags, the risk of contamination and infection is minimized. (4) Water-soluble bags are anti-static, non-toxic, and fully biodegradable. Tests have verified that the bags are impermeable to bacteria and virus. (5) Water-Soluble Laundry bags have excellent gas barrier properties.
  • Water soluble & compostable bags(clothes packaging bag/die cut bag/shipping bag/T-shirt bag)  Daily packaging
    Water soluble & compostable bags(clothes packaging bag/die cut bag/shipping bag/T-shirt bag) Daily packaging
    Implementation Plans on further strengthening plastic pollution control of Guangdong: by 2025, the production capacity of degradable plastic raw materials in Guangdong will be increased to more than 500,000 tons, and 5 to 10 industrial demonstration bases of degradable plastic raw materials and products will be built. Water soluble & biodegradable shopping bags have been widely used in more than 100 top-grade hospitals in China, such as the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, Southern General Hospital of PLA, Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.
  • Flushable feminine hygiene products and pet waste bag
    Flushable feminine hygiene products and pet waste bag
    Flushable sanitary pad back sheet/sanitary pad individual packaging/dog poop bag Flushable in toilets, no clogging, Fully biodegradable.
  • Industrial Packaging
    Industrial Packaging
    Mold release film/Water soluble film for dye packaging/Water soluble film for chemical packaging/Water soluble film for concrete fiber


The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years.
Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
  • Water soluble film manufacturers FAQ
  • Can we get the samples before formal order ?

    Yes, we can offer free samples on your bearing courier cost.

  • What is your minimum order quantity?

    For water soluble film application, 1 ton.
    For water soluble & compostable bag, 150kg.
    For water soluble laundry bag for infection control, 1000pcs.

  • What material are your products made of?

    Prosol is a kind of compound with modified high polymer (M-PVAL) and bio-based materials and can fully biodegrade in the natural environment. As a multi-functional fully biodegradable material, Prosol has been widely used in the fields and products of optics, engineering, agriculture and household.

  • How about the quality control system of your products?

    We get NQA ISO certified and semeta audit.

  • How is your logistic packaging ? Can the safety of product be guaranteed?

    For water soluble film: 3 inches papercore, aluminum foil, polyethylene seal bag, carton, wrap film, pallet.
    For water soluble bags: polyethylene seal bag, kraft carton, wrap film,pallet.

  • How long is your production time?

    For water soluble film: 21 days.
    For water soluble bag: 14days.

  • Can we customize specific products?

    Of course, we can reach & develop suitable products for our clients.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    TT100%, L/C, DP at sight,Paypal

  • What certification do you have?

    Bitrex Bitter Agent Certificate
    REACH Registration Certificate
    SKS Certificate
    Impact Test of Mariculture Fish
    Acute Toxicity Test
    Skin Sensitive Test
    EN 13432 Compostable Material Certification (Europe)
    ASTM D 6400 Compostable Material Certification (USA)
    GREENPLA Certification (Japan)
    Compost Test Report under sewage condition.

  • What is your production capacity?

    12000Tons per year,1000Tons per month.

  • Water soluble film manufacturers FAQ

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