Is Water-Soluble Packaging Eco-Friendly?

August 25, 2023

Seeing how awful a manufacturing process can affect the surrounding environment, companies are heavily advised to consider using green manufacturing strategies. Amongst many applications of this concept, there's one common, but popular method to be used, which is by using environmentally-safe packaging.

As an example, we want to explain about the water-soluble packaging here. As you might know, this type of packaging isn’t the same as the others due to its character. The packaging that's created by water-soluble packaging manufacturers may also be proven to be beneficial not only for the company but also for consumers and the environment.

See the complete information about water-soluble packaging and its uses below!

What Is Water-Soluble Packaging?

Before we talk much further about what are the uses of water-soluble packaging, it's better for us to learn about what it actually is first. As the name implies, water-soluble packaging uses materials that can be easily disintegrated when exposed to water.

So, instead of ripping the packaging, consumers just need to keep the packaging in water to get the products inside. It's pretty simple and also straightforward. Imagine the packaging is used for stuff like flavor packaging. It would be much easier for us to make an instant food.

This type of packaging eliminates the old way we dealt with packaging. There would be no days of opening the packaging again and again each time we ordered something online. However, as the packaging needs to be exposed to water, the products should be resistant to water. For example, plastic glasses, hair comb, houseware, etc.

With this in mind, sending things that are powered by electricity is surely a no-go. Companies need to think about this as well.

Another thing that's great about water-soluble packaging is its versatility. This type of packaging can be used for many kinds of industries, not only limited to foods or medicines. It can also be used to package cleaning products, fertilizers, or any other things that need water exposure. As long as the size of the product is not big and can be exposed to water, basically, any kind of product can be packaged with water-soluble packaging.

The Reasons Why Companies Should Use Water-Soluble Packaging

Seeing how beneficial water-soluble packaging can be, we can't highly recommend companies to start using it. It can offer benefits for the company, consumers, and most importantly, the surrounding environment.

Below are several reasons why companies should use water-soluble packaging for their products:


The first main reason why companies need to adopt water-soluble packaging is because of its sustainability. Compared to plastic, coating, or other types of chemicals, this type of packaging is much safer for the environment as it doesn't produce much waste that may harm landfills and water bodies.

That way, although the company continues its production, the harmful effects on the environment can be reduced.

Reduced Waste

As the consumers no longer need to deal with the extra waster anymore, the waster produced from the packaging will be much reduced as well. Remember that water-soluble packaging doesn't need any extra care to deal with the waste. Why? Because it can be dissolved easily in water.

When you dip the packaging in the water, it'll be gone completely, leaving no trace at all. So, it is really great strategy to reduce waste effectively.

Really Convenience to Use

When consumers receive the package, one thing they will do first is open it with either a knife or a scissor. As the packaging box is usually a bit hard, most people couldn't simply open it with their bare hands. Plus, when the package is finally opened, they also need to deal with it later on.

This is, for a longer time, might be a bit problematic. So, one solution companies can do here is using water-soluble packaging. By using this packaging, the consumers will find it easier to open their package as they only need to dip it in water. As simple as that.

In order to get this packaging, feel free to contact the best water-soluble packaging manufacturers in your area.

Great Way to Market The Products

A green manufacturing strategy is not only great for consumers and the environment but also for the company. By using water-soluble packaging, consumers would respect the company more, making the brand image better.


Don't think that you can't make custom water-soluble packaging! Customizing this packaging is instead considerably easy, as simple as you usually do it in the conventional packaging. The company may apply its own design to make it more special and interesting.

Better Protection

When compared to materials like glasses or plastics, water-soluble packaging can be considered better in protecting the product. As you don't need any stronger materials for protection, you can effectively cut the costs for delivery.

Another thing to point out is, that water-soluble packaging is mostly used in the pharmaceuticals and food industries. The reason is because it can effectively protect the products from contamination. By directly contacting the products with water, any chance of contamination will be diminished.

Is Water-Soluble Packaging Eco-Friendly?

Yes, when compared to other packaging materials, water-soluble packaging is much more eco-friendly. It uses materials that are safe for the environment as they are biodegradable. There are also plenty of other reasons why this packaging can be considered eco-friendly:


Reduced Waste

As the packaging doesn't use any materials that are wasteful, water-soluble packaging can be considered as a way to reduce some waste. This is better when you compare it directly with the other traditional materials. Things like plastic, won't be easily dissolved. It could take years for it to be completely gone, which in the meantime, can badly affect the environment.


Water-soluble packaging is created with very thin materials that can disintegrate easily when they touch water. By seeing this character, we can consider the packaging to be biodegradable, which is safe for the environment.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Bigger materials usually require companies to use extra resources for delivery. The energy consumption resulted in greenhouse gas emissions, which as you may know, are really terrible for our Earth. Fortunately, water-soluble packaging is lighter and fairly easy to distribute.


And that's a few explanations about the water-soluble packaging. It is an eco-friendly packaging that's convenient to use and safe for the environment. Using this type of packaging may be proven to be beneficial for companies as they can make their brand image better, while also providing positive impacts for customers and the environment.

In order to get quality water-soluble packaging, contact the best water-soluble packaging manufacturers immediately. Our team at Guangdong Proudly New Material Technology Corp. will provide the best for you.

With more than 19 years of experience, our company is ready to deliver top-quality water-soluble packaging that nicely fits your business. For more information, contact us at, or give us a call at +8613802609114.

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